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Love is a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude towards a person. So send your beloved free love cards, love ecards and love notes from our online collection of love greetings and express your emotion of regard and affection towards your love.
All love poems eCards and greeting cards are absolutely Free!!

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Love Poems - Love Poems
Love Poems

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101 Love Poems : Love Greetings & Love eCards

Love Poems - Love Poems
Love Poems
Make your sweetheart feel special with these beautiful love poems.
Love Poems - I Love You : Roses
I Love You : Roses
Send this Beautiful Roses and express your love to your sweetheart.
Love Poems - I Love You : General
I Love You : General
Express your love to your sweetheart/ spouse/ beloved/ loved one with these warm and cute love ecards.
Love Poems - Flirting
I Love You : Flirting
Get closer to your sweetheart/ someone special with this cute love ecards.
Love Poems - Dating
I Love You : Dating
Beautiful love  cards to your sweetheart/ loved one for that special date.
Love Poems - Forever Love
Forever Love
True love never dies... It lives on and on and on. Let your sweetheart/ loved one know how deep your love is for him/ her with these love ecards.
Love Poems - I Love You : Kisses
I Love You : Kisses
When words fall short, send these hot and sweet kisses your sweetheart/ loved one's way.
Love Poems - Missing You : For Him
Missing You : For Him
Cute Love Cards for your sweetheart when you both are apart.
Love Poems - Love Couples
I Love You : Couples
Touch your loved one's heart with these warm love ecards.
Love Poems - You Are Special
You Are Special
Express your love to your sweetheart/ spouse with these beautiful and warm love cards.

Welcome to 101 Love Poems. Give expression to your deepest feelings of love... let your emotions flow through these lovely poems and send your beloved a heartfelt love greeting cards.

 Poems on Love

I sometimes think that never blows so red
The rose as where some buried Caesar bled.
That every hyacinth the garden wears;
Dropt in her lap from some once lovely head.

Omar Khayyam
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Love Poems - With You By My Side...
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